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By Wizy on Jul 25, 2013 at 04:19 AM
ez game ez life.


After reviewing the tapes i've come to two conclusions, the first would be that the fact that you used Eon made this even more awesome. The second would be that our positioning for p1/p2 was flawless for the naughty nine during the kill.
Darn you work for calling me in -.- Of course the night of the kill I get called in and the final person in team Gucci learns what a range radar is :(.
ez game ez life
Pèrsephone doesn't show. Team beats boss.

Do YOU know what a range radar is? :D
i didnt even raid this tier and felt the pain of this boss, lol. gj again all!
The range radar was like 5 miles for me :(. That range radar can suck a D.
Btw first song is a dubstep of lavender town from pokemon red/blue and rofl cui nice pics.
I think Inkarnate mentioned this in gchat tonight, but holy shit! Watch @ 9:45. Afflictid gets Static Shock and runs TOWARD the raid to suicide but does it before Thunderstruck lands. If he would've gotten Thunderstruck, gg.

On the bright side, he died in range to keep healing in spirit form. Thank God for good RNG.
was Wizy but ya