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(Apr 29, 2017)
gratz on the kill my dudes
(Apr 26, 2017)
Grats guys
(Apr 13, 2017)
(Apr 11, 2017)
Elisande pic SUCKED with all the garbage
(Mar 28, 2017)
Good luck on Elisance and Guldan boys
(Mar 22, 2017)
Good luck team
(Mar 14, 2017)
Star augur memes -
(Feb 28, 2017)
Rip to the guys that quit. Was nice to meet you.
(Feb 28, 2017) - How did this not happen to us tbh
(Feb 23, 2017)
in 7.2
(Feb 23, 2017)
yay more d3 randomness on legendaries
(Feb 21, 2017)
On way home team
(Feb 20, 2017)
@Caen: I have the mount already but can group up if you need.
(Feb 18, 2017)
And T20 is sheeeeeet
(Feb 18, 2017)
That will be me in t20 because t19 is the only thing that makes fury playable
(Feb 18, 2017) I found this gem looking through twitter..@Artunias in a few years? Lol
(Feb 18, 2017)
Hey Kamiya if you haven't gotten the mount yet I'll play. add TangoTE#11771
(Feb 17, 2017)
hi: i will be playing heroes this weekend if you want to do the event. ALSO: more free heroes (wow) are available for the event only.
(Feb 13, 2017)
just got 35c
(Feb 12, 2017)
R.I.P. up to 70cm of snow comming tomorrow...